All Round Attack on Boyapati

After the blockbuster Rangasthalam, Ram Charan-starrer Vinaya Vidheya Rama turned out to be a big disappointment. Mega fans felt that the film was a big let down. Yet despite all the negative talk, the film still managed to rake in a world-wide theatrical share of Rs 63 Crore. This had even shocked the trade analysts, pundits. However, one must agree in the same spirit that the film had incurred losses to its distributors upto 30 percent.

VVR is not as disaster as Agnyathavaasi and NTR : Kathanaykudu. Agnyathavaasi’s recovery was less than 50 percent and dubbed as a double disaster compared to VVR, and NTR : Kathanayakudu has been dubbed as a triple disaster as the film’s recovery is only 29.1 percent. It means the loss of VVR (29 to 30 percent to distributors) is more or less same as the recovery of Kathanayakudu ( 71 percent straight away loss to distributors).

In this circumstances, all round attack on Boyapati has begun in film circuits and some mega fans also behind this targeting of Boyapati. No doubt, director has due role in the film’s failure but at the same time, a film is a team effort and blaming/targeting only one individual isn’t a good thing.

Yet, Boyapati has been targeted even as the film isn’t as big flop as NTR part-1 and other films.

A strong rumour doing the rounds in industry has it that the whole episode is said to be the outcome of the fight between director Boyapati and producer Danayya. Boyapati’s close aides in the industry are upset with the targeting of him. Given that he had delivered several hits like Bhadra, Simha, Legend, Sarrainodu, may be Boyapati shouldn’t have been targeted like this. After all, VVR didn’t perform as bad as many other films.