Bandi Sanjay: KCR’s mouth should be inspected, not musi river

The war between BJP and TRS is getting worse by the day, with more members of each party calling out the members of the other party for their failures in the state. The GHMC elections campaign is strongly being done all around the city, and these elections are turning out to be more dramatic than the general elections last year.

In his recent statements, BJP Telangana President Bandi Sanjay said that KCR is scared that he will lose out on his power in the state, in these elections. Sanjay also said that KCR was heavily drunk and taking rest at his farmhouse when the capital city of Hyderabad was drowning in the incessant rains only a few weeks ago, which is why members of the BJP had to fly in, all the way from Delhi.

Bandi Sanjay went on to say that KCR’s meetings have all turned out to be utter disasters, and that the people are not interested in listening to the Chief Minister anymore, as his speeches have lost the fire that they used to have previously. Sanjay questioned the TRS about the 1000 member meeting that the CM said he would hold, and asked them why the meeting was not conducted.

Furthermore, Bandi Sanjay said that it is not the Musi river that needs evaluation or inspected, but that it is KCR’s mouth that has to be done so, because of everything that comes out of it – lies and otherwise. Bandi Sanjay remarked that BJP is a party that made its way from the streets to the Nation, and said that it has more experience than KCR.