Breaking: Murder attempt on minister Perni Nani!

YSRCP Minister Perni Nani is very much infamous for his rude remarks against members belonging to the opposition, and he doesn’t hold it back when it comes to speaking his mind.

For quite some time now, there have been rumors that the minister’s life is in danger, ever since his close associate Bhaskar Rao was murdered. There was a high alert, and even Perni Naani was being careful about himself ever since then.

Now, the Minister has been attacked by masked men, at his house in Machilipatnam, and these men tried to kill the minister. However, the minister managed to save himself in the nick of time, and has even addressed the media a few minutes ago. Speaking to the media, Nani said that a man was pretending to touch the Minister’s feet, and threw something at him. This thing did not hurt the minister as it clung to his dhoti, because of which he managed to escape. Nani also said that he is perfectly fine.

On the other hand, ex-Minister Kallu Ravindra was identified as the person behind the murder of Nani’s associate Bhaskar Rao, for which Ravindra even served a jail sentence, and was released on bail recently. Members of the TDP had even said that Ravindra was wrongly punished for something he did not do, and that a personal vendetta against Nani by someone else was turned into a political issue by the ruling party.