Case against ex-TDP MLA Chintamaneni!

When the Telugu Desam Party was in power, former MLA from Denduluru Chintamaneni Prabhakar had virtually ruled the roost in West Godavari district.

There were allegations of Chintamaneni indulging in sand mafia, land grabbing and extortion, besides intimidating government officials.

And he had paid penalty for the same in the recent elections. He lost to YSR Congress party candidate Abbaya Chowdary with a margin of 17,459 votes.

Now that he is out of power, the police have started digging out cases against Chintamameni, who still feels he is the king in Denduluru.

A couple of days ago, he allegedly removed all the pipeline laid from Polavaram right canal to the agriculture lands in Janampet area.

Prabhakar claimed that he had laid the pipelines with his own money and since the locals did not vote for him, he was taking away the pipes.

But the farmers expressed anger at Chintamaneni for the removal of pipelines overnight. A farmer, Satyanarayana filed the complaint with the police.

He said two years ago, the farmers of Denduluru, Pedavegi, Pedapadu, nearby villages of Eluru have collected Rs 1,000 per head and arranged this pipelines.

“So, it was not Chintamaneni’s personal money, but contributions made by the farmers,” he said.

The farmers urged the police to take the strong actions against Chintamaneni over this incident.

Over the complaint, the police have booked a case under section 420, 384, and 431 against Chintamaneni Prabhakar.