Chiranjeevi heaps praises on Sukumar through a letter!

Director-producer Sukumar’s Assistant Buchhi Babu who directed Uppena starring Vaishnav Tej and Krithi shetty went onto became a massive hit at the box office and still running successfully in the theatres.

In several occasions Sukumar talked about Buchhi Babu and also expressed his feeling about this relation with Budhha Babu through a poem, which was recently shared by him on social media. It’s quite evident now to many about the guru disciple relationship between the duo.

Today Sukumar posted a letter on instagram that was penned by megastar Chiranjeevi. Chiranjeevi heaped praises on him for introducing a talented director like Buchhi Babu to the industry through a letter. It undoubtedly has brightened up Sukumar’s day. From the post we can see that the director who is also a fan of the actor happen to have written a letter long ago innocently. Sukumar said that it felt like a reply from the actor to the long lost letter.

In the letter Chiranjeevi wrote-

“Dear Sukumar, You have not only been as a guru who teaches the lessons but also as the one who teaches the filmy lessons. I congratulate you for introducing a talented director like Buchhi Babu to the film industry. My wishes to you for despite being a prominent director you took the responsibility in producing the film like ‘Uppena’. I wish in the coming days all of your disciplines introduce many more phenomenal films to the film industry and the audience.”(Translated from Telugu).