Crime against women: AP Police to Implement ZERO FIR

In the wake of Disha’s rape and murder, Andhra Pradesh police department has decided to implement the ‘ZERO FIR’ in the state. AP DGP Goutham Sawang has directed the officials to prepare guidelines and other norms to bring in ‘ZERO FIR’ into effective.

‘ZERO FIR’ was introduced by the union government post the Nirbhaya incident in New Delhi. This enables the police to file an FIR without a number when they receive a complaint regarding any crime or unwanted incident. This can be done at any police station in the state. After getting the details of the case, the FIR will be transferred to the concerned police station.

Currently ‘ZERO FIR’ is being implemented in New Delhi and Mumbai cities. AP DGP Sawang instructed the police officials to study its implementation and prepare a new draft that suits the conditions of the state.

Right after Disha’s incident, the topic of ‘ZERO FIR’ once again hit the headlines. Many activists have demanded the centre and state governments to start implementing it. This is a good move by AP DGP and came at a right time when the whole country is agitating on the crime against women.