#Disha rapist had no licence, RTA let him go!

While there is severe criticism that the Telangana police showed negligence when Disha’s parents approached the cops to lodge a complaint, one more issue came to a light. Well, it is inattention of RTA officials.

According to a report, the prime accused of Disha rape and murder, Mohammad Arif had no driving license. While getting the load from Karnataka to Hyderabad, Arif was stopped by RTA officials in Mahbubnagar and the truck was seized. Tensed Arif called on the truck owner Srinivas Reddy who reportedly advised to trick the RTA officials. Cutting the motor cable, the truck wasn’t starting and so the RTA officials left it where they caught. Arif then took the lorry to a nearest petrol station and stopped it.

From here, Arif called Chennakeshavulu, another accused who knows truck driving and has licence. Few moments later, another accused Naveen joined. The three started to Thondapally toll plaza and at Raikal toll plaza they sold iron to a scrap dealer and some money. A fourth person joining the three, they bought alcohol and when in drunk state, they saw Disha parking her bike at the toll plaza at 6 PM and this is when they decided to rape and murder her.

Arif, Chennakeshavulu, Naveen and Shiva implemented their plan as per what they decided and left the place quietly. But it was an employee at a petrol station who gave tidbits to the police and the entire crime got revealed step by step in the police investigation.

Had the truck been under the control of Mahbubnagar RTA officials, Disha would have been alive and this outrage would not have been witnessed.

The Telangana DGP had already suspended three cops for being reckless in their services in connection with Disha case and we have to see whether the RTA will take any action against the concerned officials who let Arif go.