Disturbing Viral Video: Fake Baba Beating A Woman

In today’s society, where we have many fake babas and godmen in India, one should be aware that they are not even close to being a God’s messenger and are just a fraud. The latest video which has gone viral on Twitter shows a godman brutally beating his lady devotee.

The baba has been identified as Mallikarjuna Swamy, who is also a priest in Marikamba temple in Kolar city of Karnataka. The video showed disturbing footage of so-called Swamy beating a woman, who came to him as a devotee. The video reached Hyderabad city police’s notice and soon they forwarded the clipping to Bangalore police, asking for immediate action.

Not only Hyderabad cops, but the video has also irked netizens as it showed the swamy exploiting a devotee’s innocence. With so many cases emerging, people should comprehend that the modern world doesn’t need godmen to solve our issues and believing them, will only lead a drastically wrong situation like in the video.

While the woman was crying out of pain, the fraud Mallikarjuna baba looked psychotic and taking immense happiness in beating her. The video needs to be circulated as much as possible and hopefully, he gets punished as barbarous as he is.

Can this man be caught. He is Mallikarjuna swamy, priest of Marikamba temple in Abbani village of Kolar beating a devotee.