Exclusive: Pawan Kalyan lines up another interesting project

Pawan Kalyan will be super busy for the next two years or so as he has a total of 4 projects in the pipeline after completing his ongoing one, Vakeel Saab.

The latest news is that Pawan Kalyan has lined up yet another project and it is an interesting one as well.

Apparently, noted dance choreographer Jani master had recently narrated a storyline to Pawan Kalyan and the latter was very much impressed with it.

Pawan Kalyan asked Jani to develop the story and come up with the final draft before he takes the final call on the project.

It has been a long-standing dream for Jani master to direct Pawan Kalyan and he approached the star actor in the past as well. Now that Pawan has shown interest in his story, Jani is fully focussing on preparing the final draft.

If Jani manages to impress Pawan Kalyan with his script, the project will be hitting the floors sooner or later.