Former Araku MP Kothapalli Geetha Nabbed By CBI In Hyd!

Big shots take loans from the banks and most of the time they won’t pay back the money. Be it politicians or industrialists, the big shots take loans in big numbers for their business purposes and the banks find it difficult to get back the money from them. The bad loans of banks are to a tune of thousands of crores in India.

In one such case, a former MP from Andhra Pradesh was arrested by the CBI for not paying the loans back. As per the information, YSRCP former Araku MP Kothapalli Geetha was arrested by the CBI today. She was arrested in Hyderabad and she is being shifted to Bengaluru for the investigation.

A case was filed against Kothapalli Geetha and her husband for not paying the loan money back. The CBI is probing the matter and a charge sheet was also filed in connection with the case.

As another big development in the case, she was arrested by the CBI. The case filed against the couple deals with the loan amount of Rs 52 which was taken in the name of Visweswara Infrastructure. The loan was taken from the Punjab National Bank.

The Punjab National Bank approached the Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI) as the couple is not paying back the money. The CBI filed a charge sheet back in 2015. The investigation has been going on since then and the former MP was now arrested.

The couple is dealing with big charges more than not paying the debts. It is reported that the couple took the loan amount from the bank in fraudulent ways. The then General Manager of PNB was also involved in this and his name is also mentioned in the charge sheet as per the media reports.

On top of this, the former MP and her husband reportedly provided false details to the bank at the time of taking the loan. All these charges leveled against the couple are not small and they come with a big punishment. To look into this, Kothapalli Geetha was arrested and sent to Bengaluru for investigation. Further details in the case are awaited.