Gorantla Madhav made shocking comments on Balakrishna!!

MLA Balakrishna is touring extensively as part of the Hindupuram Municipality election campaign. The video in which Balakrishna is seen slapping his fan went viral on social media. The recent incident has led to many discussions among the masses. Opposition parties have been criticizing Balakrishna for his aggressive attitude. Recently, MP Gorantla Madhav reacted and made shocking comments.

Gorantla Madhav, who is campaigning in support of YCP candidate Mahalakshmi Srinivas, was incensed at Balakrishna’s behavior. He criticized Balakrishna. He questioned whether fans should be punished for the sin of voting for TDP. Gorantla Madhav made sensational remarks that it is a normal thing for Balakrishna to take alcohol at night and slap people during the daytime.