I Always Felt Maharshi Will Be Square Of Pokiri -Mahesh

Superstar Mahesh is in Vijayawada to attend the final leg of Maharshi promotions as the film’s success meet was held there on Saturday evening. The actor stated that it gives him an immense kick to come to Vijayawada and taking blessings of Goddess Kanakadurga before celebrating a victory. Here comes some of the snippets from his speech.

On his stardom:

“I should thank my ‘uncle’ Raghavendra Rao garu for training me as a friend. He taught me how to walk and talk. And I didnt understood the film Rajakumarudu after watching it, but Raghavendra Rao garu exuded confidence that the film will become a super hit and I will become a superstar,” Mahesh stressed.

On an interesting note:

“The day we wrapped shooting, Guruswamy Garu who played a crucial role in Maharshi came to my caravan for a photograph. Then he wished me with folded hands, but I told him that he is elder to me and I have respected him with folded hands” Mahesh articulated, before thanking him.

On fans and the success of Maharshi:

“The day I’ve started shooting in Dehradun, I’ve told Vamsi that this film is going to becomer Pokiri-square (Pokiri X Pokiri). And that has come true today” he said, thanking his fans.

“Salam to all my fans and my father’s fans, because they helped Maharshi cross the records of all my films in a week. I can’t do anything for your love except thanking you with folded hands”, Mahesh added.