Jagan body-shames Atcchannaidu in Assembly

AP CM YS Jagan has slipped his tongue and made body-shaming comments on Tekkali TDP MLA Atcchannaidu. While speaking about the measures, the government will take for farmers in this monsoon season, Jagan lost his cool when he was interrupted by Atcchannaidu.

“Aa Manishi Aa Sizelo Unnadu Kani Burra Matram Peragaledu,” said Jagan directly hitting at the TDP leader. Ministers and MLAs of YSRCP erupted in laughter with Jagan’s comments.

Criticizing further, Jagan said, “When the leader of the house is talking, I don’t know why they are continuously interrupting. He can talk when he gets an opportunity and he can’t just disturb my speech with ‘Point Of Order’ rule. TDP did the same when they were in power and I don’t think they will ever change.”

Then Jagan lectured the assembly that everyone should learn to be humble as they grow up instead of getting carried away.