Jagan’s overconfidence is killing YCP’s future?

Jagan Mohan Reddy won last year’s assembly elections with a majority that the AP people haven’t witnessed so far. Since then, he has been implementing a number of welfare schemes successfully and even the severe economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t make him compromise on his promises.

Well, everything is falling into place for the ruling party but the high court has become the dangerous factor for the YSRCP. Only in the past few days, the high court gave numerous shocks to the AP government.

First of all, they ordered the YSRCP to remove their party colors to all buildings. Later they handed the case of Dr. Sudhakar’s arrest to CBI. They even objected to the sales of the government lands in Vizag. Now, the Andhra Pradesh High Court today ordered the reinstatement of Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar as State Election Commissioner which is the major shock to the government

Andhra government removed Nimagadda Ramesh under controversial circumstances after he postponed local body polls by six weeks after the coronavirus outbreak by passing a controversial G.O. Many people criticize that Jagan’s overconfidence and his desperation to act as a monarch in the state will trouble his party and its members big time if he doesn’t change his way of ruling.