Kartikeya ’90 ML’ teaser: Authorized Drunkard!

With ‘RX100′ hero Kartikeya created a market for himself but he could not keep the momentum with his next films. Recently Kartikeya starred in a negative role and impressed everyone. Now he is back as hero with yet another explicit content.

’90 ML’ is the upcoming movie of Kartikeya and the teaser of it is unveiled. Like the title, the teaser starts off with the protagonist taking a sip from the 90 ml bottle and fights goons.

“Idi Liquor Tho Nadiche Bandi” says Kartikeya to Ajay which reveals the former is alcoholic. But the ending of the teaser is hilarious.

Seems to be in a rehab, comedian Ali asks how much alcohol does Kartikeya consumes in a day. To this the protagonist replies that every now and then he takes 90 ML and this is as per doctor advise.

Shekhar Reddy Yerra is directing the film and the teaser is overall likable with hero’s unique characterization.

The film has Neha Solanki as female lead and music of Anup Rubens.