Konda Surekha: Jagan won the elections because of KCR’s money

Konda Surekha, a staunch believer and supporter of Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy has recently spoken her heart about what she feels regarding the ongoing rule of Y.S.Jagan in the state. Konda Surekha said that while Jagan promised to rule Andhra Pradesh like his father did, he is not even in the vicinity of his father’s greatness.

Surekha said that YSR’s rule and Jagan’s rule are never to be compared, because there’s a polar opposite difference between the two. Surekha said that YSR always limited politics to before elections, and always treated everyone equally after elections, unlike Jagan. She further said that YSR’s rule was never fuelled by personal agendas, which is not the case with Jagan’s rule – which is entirely dependent on personal vendettas and grudges.

Surekha and her husband had been strong pillars of support for Jagan during the Telangana movement and even resigned their posts despite knowing that there are very few chances of them winning their seat back in the re-elections. As expected, Surekha lost with a marginal difference, but continued to stay by Jagan’s side.

However, Jagan is said to have ignored them after gaining momentum in Andhra Pradesh, following which Surekha and her husband chose their own paths. Surekha has also said that Jagan won the elections with the financial aid that KCR has given him, and not by Jagan’s own merit.

While Surekha did not specify the amount that Jagan received, she did clearly state that KCR had indeed given money to Jagan during the elections. YSRCP members are known to be celebrating every now and then for succeeding in ruling AP like YSR did. However, it is when people like Surekha give their feedback about the rule, that the real truth comes out.