List Of Bigg Boss 2 Contestants (Un-Official)

The list of 16 celebrities has come out as the to-be contestants in Bigg Boss 2. There is no official announcement yet, but let us see how well each can be received by the audience.

1) Charmme:

This yesteryear’s heroine and the present production in charge for Puri Jagannath’s films is the top most celebrity in the list. She is very good at speaking in Telugu though a Punjabi by birth. She is good at arranging parties and also proved to be a good host in many private occasions, say the sources. She is also considered entertaining cracking jokes amidst the party time. She proves to be the most loved contestant if she is really on board. But till now she tweeted nothing about this. Well, she hasn’t tweeted anything after May 18th, that is after her birthday on May 17.

2) Geetha Madhuri:

She is well known among TV viewers as a popular playback singer. Folks say that she is jovial and never takes anything serious. But she is the busiest singer participating in various stage performances around the world. Will she accept to be in Bigg Boss? That’s a big question in fact. But people say that it would be nice if her actor husband Nandu also takes part in the show. It shows how real life couple behave in reality show.

3) Sri Reddy:

The name itself rings many bells. The most controversial lady of the season deserves first place to be in this reality show. She is bold but talks conventional, she is wild while rising voice for her rights but sheds tears in sentiment. She is a mix of many emotions which can become hot favorite for the reality show viewers. In fact, she will be a tough nut for the remaining contestants as every body may be double careful while dealing with this firebrand. Sri Reddy scores the highest points as the deserving candidate to be on this reality show.

4) Anchor Syamala:

She is known for her beauty and charms. She is favorite for many TV addicts for her talkativeness and ability to engage people without boredom. She can really add glamour to the show and can be an entertainment. Folks close to her also say that she is good at getting into some funny fights with her friends. Audience may get a chance to see those if she is really on the board.

5) Rashi:

This yesteryear’s actress is the darling of many middle aged hearts. She can really spend enough time in the show due to her patience and take it easy nature, say people those know her. There can be some sudden treats for this actress who is fond of dancing, say a few. Though rest of the contestants may be younger than her, she has abilities to throw charms to be in sync with them, opine many.

6) Lasya:

This anchor catches the attention instantly with her beauty. She is bold in expressing her heart and she is not very conventional in dealing with people. Her appearance in Bigg Boss certainly adds glamour and some material that interests people. Many opined that it would have added more TRPs had anchor Ravi was also dragged on board.

7) Gajala:

This actress who was in top list 15-20 years ago is almost in forgotten stage by many. The opportunity that came to her in the name of Bigg Boss is certainly an opportunity for the audience to see her for some time consistently in this reality show. Not much is known about her personality so it will be discovery with whatever she does.

8) Chandni Chaudhary:

This short film starlet who is striving to become a notable star on big screen can hold the attention of young viewers.

9) Junior Sridevi:

Sridevi Vijay Kumar, popularly known as the daughter of yester-decades’ heroine Manjula, proves to be a glamorous contestant. She speaks Telugu in Tamil accent which can be an entertainment for many.

10) Dhanya Balakrishna:

This beautiful actress loots the attention with her charms. She is good at impressing people, say a few. We have to see how she does it.

11) Raj Tarun:

This hyper active actor will be an entertainment for sure. But people close to him say that he has little control on his tongue sometimes, which may push him into fights. This personality is potential enough to bring some controversial attention to the show, say a few. But will this wanna be busy hero contest in Bigg Boss? That’s a question to be answered.

12) Varun Sandesh:

This actor who is still known as the Happy Days hero is happily leading his life away from film industry after his marriage. This fun lover is capable of pulling the legs of the contestants with his mischief humor, say many.

13) Aryan Rajesh:

Comparatively, he seems to be the serious candidate among all. Not known about his spontaneity in cracking jokes like his younger brother, audience are with crossed fingers about this contestant. But still, many feel that he can play a good referee when fights happen between the other contestants. Well, he is assumed to be a kind of Dharmaraju among Pandavas.

14) Comedian Venu:

He is the mass masala of the whole show. Trained in Jabardasth, he is capable of blasting adult jokes and pulling the legs of fellow contestants. Many assume that he, Raj Tarun and Varun Sandesh will form a group and make enough entertaining nuisance in the reality show.

15) Viva Harsha:

Some say that this guy is known to be hilarious only with prepared script but not spontaneous enough to entertain. Well, nothing can be pre-planned or prepared in reality show. We have to see how he can entertain.

16) Tanish:

He will be treated as the little boy in the show though he is grown up, say many. People close to him say that he is very good at heart and loves to help people voluntarily. If she projects this character in reality show, many will get relaxed allotting him all the household cleaning and washing works. Tanish! are you reading this?