Mahesh In Fields, Fans In Doubts

With template based songs and hype creating visuals, till date “Maharshi” looked like a routine entertainer with lots of over the top scenes. But now, to break that talk, the makers of the film have tried to give a new dimension to the film. And here it goes.

The makers have now released a picture, which is said to be from the song ‘Padara Padara’ from ‘Maharshi’ to enthrall the cinema lovers. In this pic, Mahesh is seen ploughing the fields with a traditional plough which is being pulled by two bulls. And with the superstar seen wearing that towel around his head, he looks like a modern farmer who is cultivating land with love.

And also this picture now summarises all the rumours that Maharshi is actually a social drama on the lines of Srimanthudu. While the picture has given excitement to fans, there are some doubts haunting them if they have to see a Maharshi after Srimanthudu, like Aagadu after Dookudu.