Nagarjuna’s Promise To Bigg Boss Team

Amidst high expectations and tremendous amount of pressure, Nagarjuna took charge as the host for Bigg Boss Season 3. While Nani’s hosting in the second season received criticism, comparisons were inevitable between Nag and NTR, the host for the first season.

But Nag exceeded all the expectations and stole the show on his Bigg Boss debut. The way he conducted himself on the show throughout the season, the way he used to spread warmth in the house and even strictly handle the contestants were in for a special praise from all quarters. As a result, most of the episodes, including the grand finale, registered record TRPs, higher than the previous seasons.

With Season 3 coming to an end, there are speculations that Nag will not be hosting Bigg Boss 4 next year. There were even rumours that Chiranjeevi may step into Nag’s shoes for the next season. But here’s the latest update.

It’s been learnt that Nagarjuna has assured the Bigg Boss organisers that he will surely return as the host for Bigg Boss 4. Needless to say, fans and family audiences will be eagerly waiting for Nag to recreate his magic even in the next season. Bigg Boss 4 is slated to begin in June, 2020.