Netizens Laughing At Sri Reddy For Satire On Hero’s Wife

Of late, the posts being put up by controversial actress Sri Reddy have become huge fun raking elements for netizens. The way she’s choosing some soft targets and the way she responds after the opposite side makes a legal counter are surely funny.

Recently this actress targeted a top hero with remarks that she will showcase the dirty picture of them soon. However, the hero didn’t stay mum and slapped her with a legal notice demanding an apology or face the action. At the same time, the hero’s wife also mentioned some people want to disturb peace and harmony just for their popularity sake.

Now, rather talking about the legal action thing, the actress has tried to malign the image of the hero’s wife saying that she would not have stood by her husband if she finds that she’s cheating that way. “Hai Mrs I would leave such a guy but won’t degrade another woman by some tweets. I’ve both truth and Karma on my side, your husband will face the brunt of it” she posted.

Netizens are laughing at these comments because the hero’s wife hasn’t degraded anyway and her tweets don’t stand even 1% of how Sri Reddy degrades others on her social media pages. “Rather throwing satires on hero’s wife, why don’t you show proofs on anything you have ever claimed? Why throwing stones in the dark always” a netizen asked.