Pawan: YSRCP and TDP are playing with the lives of innocent farmers

Jana Sena Political Affairs meeting was wrapped up only a few hours ago, and a lot of aspects were discussed during the meeting, including the issue of 3 Capitals, and many other issues. After the meeting was over, Jana Sena released a detailed statement of what was discussed.

Jana Sena and Pawan have long ago pointed out that the TDP had made a grave mistake by taking acres and acres of lands from the farmers of Amaravati. Back then itself, Pawan had advised the farmers to be careful while giving away their lands, because the capital may change if the government changes.

Pawan had also said that Jagan is now keeping to the promises he made during his campaign, where he said that he would construct a house and live in Amaravati, if he was voted to power. He also said that Jagan has introduced the concept of 3 Capitals for his own, personal benefits.

Once again, Pawan has reiterated that YSRCP and TDP are playing with the lives of innocent farmers, while trying to satisfy their egoes. This has resulted in the loss of 79 farmers, and it is not good for any state to neglect farmers, as the fate of the entire state depends upon the wellbeing of farmers and their crops.

Jana Sena and Pawan have pledged to fight for justice, and to make sure that the generous donation of lands by the farmers of Amaravati doesn’t go in vain. That even though the concept of 3 Capitals cannot be revoked, somehow, justice is served to the farmers.

Furthermore, Pawan said that Jana Sena will strive for as long as justice has been served to the farmers of Amaravati. On the other hand, the BJP has declared that it has no say in the capital issue of the state of Andhra Pradesh, and that the entire power lies with the ruling party of the state.