Pic Talk: Rakul Leaves It Unbuttoned

Nothing much is going on in the film industry across India for now, given the Covid-19 lockdown situation. But the actresses are giving their best shots to fans on social media and our favorite Rakul is driving people crazy with her stunning pictures in quarantine times.

Rakul has gone ultra hot with her unbuttoned denim in a monochrome shot, in a picture she revealed today on her social media accounts. The dirty hair, sit back pose and of course, her gleamy eyes are keeping the folks staring at her photos.

While Rakul’s magazine covers, Peta campaign, yoga, funny videos, and food pictures are on one side, her black and white pictures are on the other side, the hotter one, just like she said: “Colour is everything, black and white is more “.

While the fans of two popular actresses are busy trolling on a hacked account, Rakul is blowing the minds silently.