Posani Krishna Murali made sensational comments on Chandrababu!!

Actor Posani Krishna Murali criticized the major opposition party leader and Telugu Desam Party chief Chandrababu Naidu. Speaking to the media while campaigning on behalf of the YCP as part of the municipal elections, he criticized Chandrababu.

On this occasion, he made it clear that if the people are angry with the government, they will answer with a vote. Krishna Murali alleged that Chandrababu was giving signals to the people to pelt stones and attack the ruling party.

Posani Krishna Murali criticized Chandrababu by saying that he got into this situation by going on the wrong route. Posani made it clear that there was no need for CM Jagan to threaten the candidates and reach a consensus. Krishna Murali alleged that Chandrababu thought that if Jagan goes to jail, everything was his own.