Rahul Gandhi To College Girl: Call Me Rahul, Not Sir

In a bid to become that people’s man everyone is waiting for to see him, Congress President Rahul Gandhi is making sure that he will mingle with youths big time. Other day at a college in Chennai, he has not only turned up in tee-shirt and jeans leaving out his usual kurta look, but he also broke the crowds into laughs.

While addressing students at Chennai’s Stella Maris college, a girl stood up to ask Rahul some questions. As she said, ‘Hi Sir’, Rahul immediately cut her off saying, ‘Call me Rahul, not sir’. Everyone at the assembly broke into laughs and even the girl giggled and blushed. But then she said, “Hi Rahul” and that broke the fellow students into more laughs.

The girl Azra, stated that she is feeling nervous, but then said, ‘Hi Rahul’ and continued her speech. Even in the middle of her questioning, she has once again articulated on the word ‘Rahul’ and that won more cheers from the crowds. And the interaction session went quite well.

Seems like Rahul Gandhi is on a mission to score well in the upcoming general elections and is making sure that youths get identified with him.