Rana Needs Further Rest for Action!

Rana is now settled down in Mumbai after landing from California, USA. Rana Daggubati left for the USA in July for the treatment of his kidney-related ailment.

A renowned surgeon attended him in Chicago and Rana stayed back in the USA for three months to recover.

However, he needs further treatment in India in Mumbai before he resumes his day to day work in Hyderabad. So, he has still not come to his home in Hyderabad.

The 34-year-old handsome hunk has committed to start working in films like Venu Udugula’s “Virata Parvam” and Gunasekhar’s mythological drama “Hiranya Kashyapa”.

Our sources say the doctors have informed Rana not strain his body much in the shoots. He should not indulge in heavy action stunts until he completely recovers.

So, the makers may plan their shoot schedules accordingly.