Sai Pallavi Making The Producers Happy With Her Behaviour!

Highly talented actress Sai Pallavi has been promoting his ‘Virataparvam’ quite aggressively for the week. She is staying in Hyderabad till the film hits the screens as per reports. As we know, the movie is releasing on 17th June. Sai Pallavi has already attended a few public events, gave a lot of interviews and even participated in game shows along with television events.

‘VIrataparvam’ is being promoted as a heroine-centric film and Sai Pallavi has given a lot of time for promotions. Sources say that the actress allotted around 15 days for Nani’s ‘Shyam Singa Roy’ too. Her behavior and the way she is carrying herself through the promotions is getting a lot of praise from the industry insiders.

A person from the film’s unit said, “It is literally hell to have star heroines to give at least 2-3 days time to promote. Moreover, there are no extra charges for promotions.”

As we know, a lot of heroines bring 3-4 people as their personal staff which includes hairdressers, costumers, personal assistants and makeup men. All their expenses, hotel stay, money for expensive costumes and others usually go from the producer’s account.

But it is not the case with Sai Pallavi as she brings only one person with her and even her money will be paid by the actress from her own remuneration. Also, Sai Pallavi reportedly brings her own costumes unlike other heroines. A trusted source says, “If there is an interview at 9 AM, she arrives dot. Sometimes even before the interviewer. There are no demands or tantrums. Even what she eats is also simple. She does not demand specific cars to travel. She is the most producer-friendly heroine in Tollywood right now.”