Shakalaka Shankar Crossing Limits, But Why?

Comedian turned hero Shakalaka Shankar is trying his best to grab attention with his senseless speeches lately. Sambo Shankara film in which Shankar played the lead is set to hit the marquee on this Friday. Promos of Sambo Shankara were awful with Shankar imitating Pawan Kalyan in each and every frame. Like many comedians turned heroes, Shankar also seems to have done a grave mistake by taking himself very seriously as a hero.

Many comedians who haven’t stick to their strength have tasted bitter results at box office. Comedians are meant to do comedy, but our comedians try to project themselves as action heroes by doing fights and mouthing punch dialogues. Sambo Shankara promos show Shakalaka Shankar as a true blue commercial hero. Shankar is so confident about the film that he says that it will collect Rs. 10 crore and Rs. 13 crore at box office.

He is dragging many big names for not giving him a break as hero. He claims to have asked Trivikram, Dil Raju, Ravi teja and Allu Sirish to launch him as the leading man. He is mocking them for missing out on a great opportunity of making crores of profits. Is Shankar doing this for attention or has he lost mind?

He hardly gets lengthy roles as comedian. It would become tough for him to get those single scene characters if he fails as a hero. His speeches will surely irk those who have been encouraging him as comedian. Is Shankar getting carried away or is he faking confidence to trick the audience?