Srisailam Dam Overflows, Big threat ahead?

After a decade, sufficient water reached Srisailam dam and from it the water was also sent to Nagarjunasagar dam in millions of cusecs. Again with rains pouring down in the upper region and the water level is on the rise in Srisailam dam.

Since yesterday there is a heavy flow at the dam and so the officials of the project lifted few gates partially by few metres and released the water to downstream. But the officials failed to estimate the flow and this resulted in the water overflowing above the crust gates. This is seriously a big mistake and it poses a threat to the dam. This overflow of water is witnessed at 2,3,10,11 and 12 numbered gates. Also the dam has reached danger levels.

Noticing this the officials lifted all the gates of the dam on Tuesday morning. Currently the inflow is 3.69 Lakh cusecs and outflow is 3.08 Lakh cusecs. Reacting on the media reports, chief engineer of Srisailam dam project Narayana Reddy said the water flowing from crust gates is not at a problem and they are continuously monitoring the inflow and outflow of the water.

The chief engineer further said that they are deliberately not releasing the water to down so as to use it for power generation and to supply water to the Telugu states. “If the water is released, it will go to the sea as all the projects interlinked to Srisailam are full capacity,” added Narayana Reddy.

Irrespective of the chief engineer’s analysis, Srisailam dam needs a better understanding of water flow because any unwanted incident could have serious impact.