Telangana Govt special teams to raid Private Hospitals

Covid-19 cases are raising in Hyderabad region and people who are getting admitted in few private hospitals are facing tough times regarding high fees and the body handling formalities. Few people complained about this to the Telangana Government and the TRS party decided to push in a special force to raid the private hospitals.

As per the details, these special teams will be starting the raids soon and will cancel the permissions for the hospitals that are found to be guilty. This is a very strong message to all the private hospitals which are aiming to cash on the situation.

It is a fact that the profession of medicine is now turning into a big business by few private corporate hospitals. More priority is being given to making money rather than to save lives. At least in this tough situation when common man is struggling to make ends meet, the hospitals should support the society with quality and affordable medical care. People are now appreciating the move of Telangana Government on this aspect.