Trade Buzz: Sita Release Date Woes Continue

By showcasing Kajal Agarwal in a selfish character that has a lot of greedy tastes and will be ready to go to any extent for money, director Teja has scored a big punch with the trailer of ‘Sita’. But that’s now working out in favour of the film.

Apparently, Sita is not able to find a way to hit cinemas as it missed out its fresh date of April 19th as well. The makers are now saying that the film will be releasing in theatres without any fail on May 24th. And they say that the real reason for the delay is the availability of theatres.

Actually, the film has done nearly 20+ crores business again because of the trailer and how Kajal Agarwal has run the whole show. The film has Bellamkonda Srinivas playing the role of hero, but back to back flops from him have actually dented his fame that he will ever come up with creative content.

Also with biggies like Maharshi lined up, many theatre owners are said to be not interested to give their screen to Bellamkonda’s Sita. That’s why they locked a release date that is a couple of weeks far away from Mahesh Babu’s film.