Video of Couple’s having ‘IT’ on Mumbai Road Goes Viral

A video filmed on busy road in India’s financial capital Mumbai has come as a shocker as the video spotted a couple in an intimate position. The video has gone viral online. Cops alleged that the couple were having “sex”. This obscene public act was happened on road divider in Marine Drive at Nariman point.

Mumbai cops have detained the woman and found her ‘mentally unstable’ based on her answers. Whereas the man is on a run. Cops have launched a man hunt. He is found to be Russian national. The woman has been sent to Chembur’s woman remand home. Initially, the woman in her 30s claimed she is from Goa, but later she kept changing her address, informed cops who quizzed her.

Usually, the brazen acts of couple are often heard and reported in foreign countries. But quite shockingly, similar incident is now reported in Mumbai.