Vishal opens up on how he fell for Anisha!

The discussion about Telugu-born Tamil star hero Vishal Reddy’s marriage has been there from a long time. In the last fews years, he’s rumoured to be dating Kollywood star Sharath Kumar’s daughter Varalakshmi. Surprisingly, making no comments his rumoured relationship with Varalakshmi, Vishal has announced that he is getting ready to marry Telugu girl Anisha Reddy Alla, who played a small role in super hit ‘Arjun Reddy’.

Anisha and Vishal are expected to get married soon. So where did they meet, how their love life began and more details about their wedding are revealed by Vishal in a recent interview.

The actor said: “I met Anisha while working on a film. Our friendship developed gradually and now leading to marriage. I was planning to make a movie on street dogs. So, I narrated the subject to Anisha and sought her feedback as she is part of creative team of that film. As part of the movie discussions, we had some close interactions and it we both fell for each other. And, it’s me who proposed her in first place.” In one word, Vishal described Anisha: “God sent her only for me”.

He further added: “Anisha is a national basketball player and a social worker. It is her call to either stop working or continue in the films. There is a secret thing about her. She trains a Tiger and can send it to sleep in no time. I was shocked when I saw it for the first time.”