What happened to Ex Love Birds?

He is a young hero who made a splashy entry with a wholesome family entertainer. Later on, he paired up with her for a bold film which turned out to be a blockbuster. The duo were in a serious relationship and even worked for some more films together and the result was nothing great. Personally, both have moved on. While the young hero is rumoured to be in live-in relation with another girl, she too moved on personally and is having her own relations.

On Professional front, the hero got into sidetrack due to poor choice of stories and is tasting duds one after the other, she also is going through similar fate.

While she bagged a big film but even she couldn’t get advantage out of it. After her choices failed miserably, she started losing offers. The glam tag she gained too now not helping her much.

Both the ex lovers are now going through very dull phase and both direly need one major success to bounce back. Many of their fans are now hoping that there could be some change in their career if they both act together again. However, industry folks are not daring to invest money on the combo given both are in flops.