Chandrababu To Build House At Amaravati With Rs 100 Crore?

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu now wants a house of his own in Amaravati and its neighbourhood. She is said to be planning to build a house in AP. This has now become a hot topic of discussion not just within the Telugu Desam Party, but also the political circles of the state.

But why does Chandrababu want a house in Amaravati? One criticism he has been facing from the YSRCP these days is that he is agitating to keep Amaravati as the only capital of AP, but he does not have a house of his own in the region. The opponents are also asking that if Chandrababu has so much affection for Amaravati, why he is not living here.

Chandrababu Naidu resides in Hyderabad’s Jubilee Hills area and he has just renovated the house. Even after becoming the Chief Minister, he operated from Hyderabad only. Later, he operated from a guesthouse belonging to a realtor. He had also built a Praja Vedika at a cost of Rs 8 crore for an interface with the people. However, after losing in 2019, he has been staying in his Hyderabad home. Since the time of Covid, he has confined himself to his residence and has been interacting with the party workers through zoom app.

But now, he is said to have decided to build a house in Amaravati area at a cost of at least Rs 100 crore. The house would be fully furnished and would be provided with all modern amenities. He would operate here at the earliest to wipe off the criticism that he is a non-resident Opposition leader. Sources also say that it would also help him to focus on Krishna and Guntur districts, which are considered the heartland of TDP politics. It could also help him in focusing on Mangalagiri, from where Lokesh has contested and lost in 2019 elections.