Dont Call Me Varun Sir, Call Me Just Varun

Every actor who goes on to become a star will imbibe certain qualities which the people who work with them like very much. Most of the superstars like Rajnikanth, Chiranjeevi or Mahesh Babu are quite polite, disciplined and always gives respect to their colleagues no matter if he/she is a big actor or a lightman on the set.

Treading in the path laid by superstars, we hear that young Mega hero Varun Tej is also in the process of becoming such a big star if his qualities are anything to go by. An onlooker from the set of Varun Tej’s latest movie tells us, “He never lets anyone call him Varun Sir or Sir. He simply tells them ‘Call me just Varun’. That shows he has no baggage of family or stardom”.

Recently Varun has acknowledged this openly as he has come up with ad for a platinum jewellery maker, where he stated about this. One side we could see this as simplicity, and on the other side, this down to earth nature will make him more close to assistant directors and others. That will eventually bring him great scripts towards his way, because if people like you, they do great things for you.