Finally, someone is taking notice of Sharmila!!

YSRTP founder-president YS Sharmila must be heaving a big sigh of relief. Finally, after all her efforts, she is now getting recognized politically. The adversaries are talking about her and are beginning to criticize her. This is a surefire sign that she is of some worth in Telangana politics.

All these days, she has been slamming, lambasting and criticizing the ruling TRS and its boss KCR to no end. Day in and day out, all through her 2000-km-long padayatra, she targeted KCR and his governance. She criticized the under development and KCR’s alleged anti-people policies. But, the TRS did not react. None of the TRS leaders even bothered to comment.

To add to her woes, even BJP, Congress and the Left parties did not consider her a player in the game. But now, her existence is being recognized after she took on minister Niranjan Reddy. She slammed Reddy for pejoratively calling her Mangalavaram Maradalu. This highly derogatory explanation was disliked by everyone. Sharmila went to Niranjan Reddy’s home turf and criticized him in the harshest possible terms.

As a result, the TRS began to take note of her. Several TRS leaders have lodged a complaint with the Assembly speaker about her harsh language. This has only made Sharmila happy. Finally, her comments are pinching someone. Sources say she is now beginning to feel that at least someone is taking note of her padayatra.