Indian Government Gives Big Shock To Ukraine Returned Students!

Indians studying in war-hit Ukraine came back to their homeland due to tense situations. In safety matters, they are out of danger now. But there are many questions about their future in academic issues. The Ukraine returnee students are hoping that they will be allowed to study in colleges here.

While the students are fighting that they will be accommodated in Indian medical colleges, the union government has been telling them that they cannot allow the Ukraine students here as there are no such provisions in the law.

Yet again, the Union government made its stand clear on the issue that Ukraine students cannot be allowed. In the issue, the Centre filed a petition in the Supreme Court saying that Ukraine returned students cannot be allowed to continue their education here.

The Union government’s version is that the Ukraine students could not clear the NEET exam and there are no provisions to allow the students here. The Centre is quoting the guidelines of the National Medical Commission (NMC) to say no to the proposal of Ukraine students. This is surely a big setback for the Ukraine students.

However, the Indian government said that it will help the students in completing the course in foreign nations. Having said that, the Centre also said that public notice will be issued so that they can join the educational institutions which are approved by the Ukraine medical institutions.

Ukraine returned students’ future is in doubt now. They cannot continue the course in Indian institutions. They will be helped in getting admissions to institutions in other nations. For that, the students have to spend a big amount on fees and other expenses.

Indian students opt for Ukraine for the medical course as the costs are very less compared to India. For this, the students stay away from their families till the completion of the course. But their dreams and future turned upside down when superpower nation Russia waged a war on Ukraine. With the fear of life, the Indian students returned to India. The Indian government is saying that the students are rich enough to study in other nations like Ukraine.