Is Health Ministry Jinxed In Telangana?

The health ministry in Telangana, it appears, is jinxed. All the three health ministers who took reins of power in Telangana left their positions in disgrace. Interestingly, not always was the department’s function the reason for their exit. There are other political reasons in all the three cases.

The first health minister G Rajaiah had to leave after his amorous conversation with a medical staffer came to light. Already his corruption was the talk of the town. KCR took cognizance of both and dismissed him from the ministry. Later, Laxma Reddy became the health minister. Laxma Reddy, who had a deeper understanding of the medical department, soon fell out of favour and was literally hounded out. He went sulking, fretting and fuming. Etela replaced him. Etela Rajender did work hard but he fell foul of KCR and got removed from the ministry. He had even lost his place in the cabinet.

The present health minister is KCR himself. What will happen to him? Will his fate too be like his predecessors? As of now, it is being said that KCR would soon hand over the responsibility of the health ministry to someone else from his party.