Merge TDP with TRS in Telangana: Mothkupalli

In a shocking request and embarrassing appeal to TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu, senior party leader from Telangana Mothkupalli has urged his party leader to merge the T-TDP (Telangana TDP) into TRS. After visiting NTR Ghat on the eve of party founder and legendary NTR’s Vardhanthi, Mothkupalli has spoken to media and expressed his above wish. He, however, quickly added that it is his personal wish but clarified that there is no political interest behind his appeal.

“Right from KCR to almost all the existing ministers, several leaders are from TDP. Many are saying here that TDP no longer exists in Telangana. So, it will be respectful if TDP is merged with the TRS in Telangana,” said Mothkupalli who added that Chandrababu Naidu couldn’t come to NTR Ghat in Hyderabad today (Jan 18,2018) as he is busy with administrative works in Andhra Pradesh.

Mothkupalli’s comments seem to have both pain and anger that Chandrababu couldn’t focus on Telangana TDP. At the same time, such sensitive comments with media are certainly not acceptable as it would do more damage, especially ahead of Panchayat elections in Telangana in February. It needs to be seen how ex TDP leader and present Congress leader Revanth Reddy would react to Mothkupalli’s shocking comments.

At the same time, analysts opine that Mothkupalli was upset that Chandrababu couldn’t keep his promise to Mothkupalli that he would be made a Governor to a state.