Real Life Srimanthudu, Man Donates His Property For the Poor!

We all have seen Superstar Mahesh Babu’s Srimanthudu, in which he plays a man with a golden heart who leaves the property he inherits to help the poor. After watching the film, many had the thought that it happens only in films. But you are wrong, a similar scene happened in real life too.

Indeed, this happened in India. A famous medical practitioner decided to spend all his earnings and donated the same to the government. He requested the government to help the poor with the money and property he had donated.

One Dr. Arvind Goyal, who hails from Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad has been working as a practitioner for over five decades. As he always wanted to do something for the poor, he donated his property which accounts for close to Rs 600 crore to the state government.

The medical practitioner had always his heart for helping others. When the Covid pandemic started, he provided facilities like education and food supplies to many villages. He has been doing social service for many decades and he was even honored by four different Presidents.

We see very few people who see society and family equally. Like how he took care of his family and children, he wants to take care of society and he donated the property he earned over the decades to the government for a good cause. He is a real-life hero and if others also get inspired by him then it would be good.