System was inefficient in dealing the Covid crisis, made us run for beds, oxygen!

The second wave of novel Coronavirus is the burning issue in India currently, as situations in several states have slipped out of the hands. The shortage of medical oxygen is intensifying the devastating situation in the country.

Several countries across the globe and the international media, the US media in particular are expressing their concerns over the crisis in India triggered by the deadly respiratory disease.

Seeing the devastating situation in the country, Bollywood actor, yesteryear Superstar Suniel Shetty found fault with the inefficiency of the system in dealing with the prevailing situations.

Saying that it is not the time for the blame game, Sunil Shetty felt that the politicians are not doing enough work in the tough time.

‘We are the ones who elected them. (Today), they made us run for beds, they made us run for oxygen, and made us run for air. They made us run for everything,’ the Mohra actor said about the situation.

Blaming the politicians for the situation, the actor urged the public that when the tables will turn, the politicians should also be made work and run for the votes. Let us vote for good and hard-working individuals, Shetty said.

Calling the current situation tough, Suniel Shetty opined that to go through the testing times, everyone should stick together as a family. All of us are going through hell, he said.