Time Now For The Young Hero To Get Updated

Talented hero Kiran Abbavaram who gained good craze among the youth with one film is doing everything he can to spoil it now. People who loved him for his hard work and natural acting in ‘SR Kalyanamandapam’ are now feeling that its success did more harm to this hero. He is trying to please the masses repeatedly and coming up with commercial entertainers that do not have an interesting story or narration. He trying to inject unnecessary mass scenes in youthful love stories too which is backfiring badly.

His recent release ‘Nenu Meeku Baaga Kaavalisinavadini’ is the best example of it. Kiran Abbavaram has a lot of energy but the audience will find it tough to accept him as a complete mass hero at this stage of his career. Though there are fights in his previous movies, he did not try to go overboard. But he tried to pull off a fight scene in lungi like Balakrishna or Prabhas or NTR in this film which did not go down well with the audience. The story had nothing special and the screenplay fell flat. Kiran himself wrote the screenplay and dialogues but he faltered with his pen.

It is not tough for Kiran to score a hit if he comes up with scripts that suit his body language. Masses don’t flock into the theatres if he remixes Chiru and Balayya’s songs. The openings of ‘Sammathame’ showcased that he is in a danger zone and ‘NMBK’ may end up getting even less money. Barring a few main centers, the bookings were not encouraging and with the film getting negative talk, there is no chance of recovery according to reports.