Tollywood producer writes a hard-hitting letter to Google CEO

Noted Telugu producer Bunny Vas wrote a hard-hitting letter to Google CEO, Sundar Pichai. This letter was written in the context of Sunday’s recent comments, saying social media is a great tool to exercise one’s freedom of speech.

In this letter, Bunny Vas wrote he is one of the victims of targeted abuse on social media platforms.

“When I first started using social media, I felt it would offer me a great platform to express my views and opinions. But that wasn’t the case. I am a victim of targeted abuse on social media. How many of social media users have liberal views? Many of them use social media to hurl harsh comments at others,” he wrote.

Bunny Vas stated he strongly disagrees with Sundar Pichai’s recent comments on the pros of social media usage.

The successful producer said he and his family members had to suffer a lot due to the fake news and unethical reports that are posted on social media.