Villages in AP Want to Merge With Telangana, Is It Possible?

We have seen how the recent floods in the Godavari river triggered by the heavy downpour turned political and reached a point where both Telugu states -Andhra Pradesh and Telangana blamed each other for the issue. Telangana Minister Puvvada Ajay demanded that the mandals should be merged with Telangana,

Now the issue took an unexpected turn with the villages too demanding what Puvvada Ajay said. The villages want to be with Telangana and the panchayats in the respective villages have taken a resolution to get merge with Telangana. The village bodies took the decision and the representatives supported this by signing the resolution.

It is known that the Andhra Pradesh government brought new districts which changed the status quo of the previously existing districts and the district headquarters.

The same happened with the five villages and they want to merge with Telangana as the state is closer to them. Given the proximity they have to Telangana they want to be with the state. A resolution seeking the same was also made by the village panchayats.

Looking into the practicality, it might be next to impossible. As the villages were added to Andhra Pradesh under the bifurcation act which placed a few mandals in AP and TS respectively, the act might have to be amended.

The union government has to do that and no one knows if the centre will look into the matter. If the Telangana government wants to push the idea, it can demand the same from the centre.