When Lokesh Turned A Doctor!

It is Coronavirus scare everywhere and there is hardly any scope for the political parties and leaders to indulge in criticism against one another.

Especially in the last one week, there has been any scope for political mudslinging and those who have an itch to attack the political rivals have no subject to do so.

Both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh governments are doing their best to contain the spread of the disease and the opposition parties have virtually gone into the silent mode, though occasionally, there is a statement or two pointing out the lapses in the functioning of the official machinery.

For leaders like Telugu Desam Party general secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh, there is hardly any issue to be in the news.

A regular attacker of the YSRC government on twitter and other forms of social media, Lokesh has no subject to make his presence felt in the people.

So, on Saturday, Lokesh has come up with an idea on twitter on avoiding contact of the Coronavirus.

His suggestion is: “avoid using our hand which we are habituated, but use the other hand; and it will keep a check on the spread of the disease.”

What he means is that: left handers frequently use their left hand, and the right handers, their right hand. So, those who use the left hand, should now use the right hand to open the door or turning on the tap or switching on the light etc. Similarly, the right handers should start using their left hand for these activities.

Since we tend to touch our face, mouth, nose and ears with the hand which we regularly use, it will prevent the contact of the virus if we use the other hand for other activities.

Lokesh points out that people in countries like Korea are able to avoid contracting the virus by adopting this reverse hand usage practice.

Well, Dr Lokesh! Wish you come up with such positive ideas every time, instead of using your hand for slinging mud at your political rivals!