When Mamta gets Modi appointment why not KCR

Telangana CM KCR is returning to Hyderabad empty handed, with no assurance for the harried farmers and no guarantees from the Centre. His four day yatra was marked by KCR not stirring out of the Telangana Bhavan. He has not met anyone and has not even spoken to the mediapersons capiting outside.

Interestingly, West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee, an inveterate foe of PM Narendra Modi, not only secured his appointment, but even held parleys with him. Despite camping for over four days, KCR could not get to meet him. The BJP has alleged that he has not even sought an appointment with Modi in the first place. It alleged that KCR was in Delhi only for the medical treatment of his wife.

Significantly, the TRS ministers could not meet Jal Shakthi minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, who handles the water disputes between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. KTR had to wait for three hours to meet Minister for Food Piyush Goel. Even that meeting was inconclusive. The only minister they could meet was agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar. The TRS government could not extract any assurance about procurement of parboiled rice.

Overall, the four-day visit of KCR turned out to be a dud. There was no achievement to go home and tell about. The high profile visit ended up as a total disaster. Why did KCR not stir out of the house is a million dollar question to many people.